Who We Are

at that time it was small factory contains a Czech-made machines and he was based on the supply of textile for the public sector quota system and this is the golden age for the textile industry urged the state to support and protect the industry.

At this time, and until the end of the eighties the factory was based on the production of fabrics typical large production so he could Allam Tex factory work nearly another 15 factories with artifacts of the manufacturing system. 1990 The beginning of the development and introduction of modern manufacturing and technology machines and the beginning of the development of production and the shift of production of the typical fabrics to the production of special and diverse like pants fabrics and the fabrics that's used in school uniform and that characterized by Allam Tex factory.

In the mid-nineties was the beginning of the Chinese invasion of the Egyptian market and affected the textile industry significantly, especially specialized fabrics such as trousers fabrics and the beginning of a new phase of the struggle against the Chinese invasion. In this period was the beginning of the entry of the second generation of the sons of Mr. Allam Abdel Azim to this area and they are (Amr Allam - Ahmed Allam - Khaled Allam), and they were a coeval of the most important cadres and the giants of the textile industry and its founders at that time and learned of them a lot of values, principles and professional and took enough experience to face the next challenge They were able to complete the route taken by Mr. Allam, and worked on the continuation of the factory under their management with impressive success and great superiority.

AllamTEX Owners

Executive Director of AllamTex factory Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Cairo University.

Technical Director of AllamTex factory Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering Mechanics Department of Cairo University.

Planning and follow-up director AllamTex factory. Graduated from the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, Cairo University.

Our Factory

Weaving Machines
Attention to the development of weaving machines in proportion to local and global market requirements.
Yarn Specifications
Use of the finest yarn types of Egyptian cotton known for their high quality,.
High Quality
Works through quality production dept and innovation of the latest materials for men's & children's fabrics.
Warping Machines
from the first day we working on the development and modernization of the factory and relying on the artistic and intellectual excellence..

The Most Creative Ideas

we have latest program in the world to deal with the textile designs and re-coloring allowing the customer to have put his thoughts and perceptions of himself through this program thanks.
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AllamTex contracted with the European Technical Office for textile designs to providing us with the latest fashion trends for different production lines. Catalogs and designs, which gives us the European Technical Office have the Intellectual Property for Allam Tex factory.
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Enable the customer to log on to the security of the system to follow its own manufacturing orders and what has been achieved and which can secure all information stored in the customer management group to work with a password specific to each client and prevents unauthorized access to it.
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