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We produce the best specifications for cotton fabrics.
We have a different vision to serve our customers.
We are the leaders in the world of textile!
ALLAMTEX can provide all the needs of the domestic market and the world of the technical designs of the fabric in different directions and at any time through cooperation with the European Technical Office..
We strive to meet your everyday textile needs
AllAMTEX contracted with an European Technical Office for textile designs to providing us with the latest fashion trends for different production lines. Enable the customer to log on to the security of the system to follow its own manufacturing orders and what has been achieved.
Delivering the highest quality fabrics
AllAMTEX produces all cotton fabrics products Basic - Dobby – Jacquard and high-quality fabrics of linen. and produces the best specifications of blended.Our factory provides all the Yarns Count required and use of the finest yarn types.

Amr Allam

"Executive Director of AllamTex factory Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Ain Shams University.
Amr Allam / amrallam@allamtex.fashion

Ahmed Allam

"Technical Director of AllamTex factory Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering Mechanics Department of Cairo University.
Ahmed Allam / ahmedallam@allamtex.fashion

Khaled Allam

"Planning and follow-up director AllamTex factory. Graduated from the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, Cairo University.
Khaled Allam / khaledallam@allamtex.fashion

AllamTex Key Dates

Founding AllamTex textile factory at that time it was small factory contains Czech-made machines and he was based on the supply of textile for the public sector quota system and this is the golden age for the textile industry urged the state to support and protect the industry.
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The beginning of the development and introduction of modern manufacturing and technology machines and the beginning of the development of production and the shift of production of the typical fabrics to the production of special and diverse like pants fabrics and the fabrics that's used in school uniform and that characterized by Allam Tex factory.
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The old factory was moved to the new headquarters at Badr industrial area, and the work of the sons from the first day on the development and modernization of the factory and relying on the artistic and intellectual excellence.
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About Us

The Egyptian fabric have a global reputation and exported to England, France and many countries.
Hence formed by Mr. Allam the full conviction to interesting and continue in the textile industry and the establishment of a special economic entity, and assisted by successful personal leadership which delight in Mr. Allam that completed and matured through the experience in the public work, and he founded AllamTex factory for textile in 1972.
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Allam Abdel Azim ST,
Ibrahim Bey, Qanaltex,
Shubra Al-Khaimah,
Egypt. Postal:13752
Telephone: +2 02 42228382
Telephone: +2 02 42222948
Telephone: +2 02 42222649
FAX: +2 02 42201775
C.Service: +2 01007505554
C.Service: +2 01007525554
E-mail: info@allamtex.fashion
E-mail: amrallam@allamtex.fashion
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